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Is your start-up investor-ready?

Many entrepreneurs decide (and rightly so) to enter the framework of a two-three month accelerator which provides them with an organized work framework within which they will pack their toolboxes with a broad range of strategic, tactical, financial, and organizational tools, soft and hard skills and more- each based on their individual background and subjective needs.

It's possible to find a wide selection of accelerators specializing in the various content worlds. These may be private ones who following selection provide initial investments or accelerators, who with the aid of the government, where the framework and enrichment for entrepreneurs is the important aspect (no less than the funding…). At the program's end the demo day comes along with a presentation of the various initiatives for private investors, capital risk funds, banks and patent law firms.

All accelerators, without exception, offer a space and professional mentors. Entrepreneurs meet with them, brainstorm, study the competition, carry out market research, product market-fit, and hold endless pitch deck rehearsals. Together they polish and improve appearance, the message, the problem and solution, value proposition and the lead team. The enormous opportunity is honed to perfection- all within an authentic story which will make the potential investor say wow, you're onto something!

I suggest that you verify (with yourselves) the idea for the product/service before investing a lot of time and effort in drafting a business/marketing plan using the canvas model, which will allow you to minimize the risk and uncertainty inherent in product/service development.

But let's not put the cart before the horse…

Let's be honest. There are very few cases in which the investor pitch-deck is excellent, describing a big problem and revealing an incredible opportunity with a unique value proposition for the client. In most cases, the entrepreneurs will present the investors' presentation endless times, changing it twice as often as they encounter an investor who understands their field and is familiar with the content.

Great, so now we're talking numbers….Don't get confused

What really lies behind the investor or capital risk fund's questions?

  1. The investor wishes to learn whether you are familiar with the market and the players?

  2. What is the strategy in the short, medium and long term?

  3. Is the market big enough?

  4. How do you attack the market?

  5. Who are the first clients who will purchase the product/service?

  6. Who are the potential partners?

  7. Have agreements been signed and with whom?

  8. Is the lead team the same one which will lead and beat the competition?

  9. etc..

I suggest focusing, internalizing that the client is less interested in the technology than in having his needs met, in order to increase your chances of arriving fully prepared for the investor meeting, to explain why it's worth it for them to join the success of your initiative which will lead to another meeting.

Is it time to check your status? Contact RGB for a consultation.

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