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Preparing entrepreneurs for investor meetings: What to expect and how can RGB help?

Meeting an investor is a huge step towards fulfilling an entrepreneurial dream. After years and months of thought, development, trial and error, you've finally reached the promised land. Now you just need to enter it.

When meeting an investor, you'll need to sell not only your idea, but also the vision, the excitement, the opportunity and your full faith in its success. It's not enough just to recite a speech – you need to live it and express it through words, expression and body language.

Part of RGB's service is preparing clients for investor meetings. There is no single formula or one size fits all, but there are some rules of thumb which are always appropriate.

What is the entrepreneur facing?

Entrepreneurs can be divided into three groups, each with its own experience, journey and background. The first has an advanced background rich in development and technology and "lives technology". The second type, entrepreneurs with a marketing, international, sales, management and strategy background. The third are just setting out on their entrepreneurial journey, are students and have no employment experience.

Everyone has their own unique toolbox with its own contents. This is why it's so important to determine the type of entrepreneur, their character and wishes and based on this, to add, upgrade or adapt the toolbox, soft and hard skills.

You’ve either got it or you need to practice, and a lot.

If the entrepreneur hasn't been blessed with the verbal ability, the soft skills, interpersonal communication, or if they're nervous or have stage fright, it's not recommended and not smart to pass the buck to the consulting firm to have them present the company's story. I don't know any investors who would invest in an organization whose CEO – who ought to be the DNA of the start-up – is not the one to present the concept.

How do we start?

It's important to enter the process with an open mind. Like a roller coaster, there will be ups and downs, frustration, improvement, sharpening and redrafting. Leading questions will be asked at the personal, business, financial and technological level and you will be answering a range of questions which form the basis for your story. We will use the lean canvas model as an initial reference point, and from there build a focused narrative to present a clear image to the investor.

Presentation structure

RGB's employs an approach through which the presentation is suited to the entrepreneur, to the world of content and investors; a method known as ICE (Investor, Content & Entrepreneur). There are a number of questions/slides which are repeated to a certain degree, each with an emphasis on the market, the competitive advantage, the opportunity and so forth. The order of presentation will also change depending on the entrepreneurs.

Important points in the presentation: What are you doing? Is this really necessary? Is the market big enough for us – the problem is significant; how do you intend to conquer the market? Is the project team up for the task? What are you seeking? How much money, what are the uses and for how long?

So, what's the RGB game plan?

1. Moving ahead

2. Practice, practice, practice

3. Focusing

4. Designing a presentation and graphic language

5. Reviewing, reviewing, reviewing

6. Filming on video

7. Simulations – questions and answers

8. Practicing over and over, presenting to family, friends, joint community members,

receiving feedback

9. Arriving prepared

10. Good luck at the meeting with the investor, improving

11. Repeat as needed

Ready to amaze the world?

Don't scrimp on professional prep for the investor meeting. This could make the difference between money and the dream that got away. If you are about to present a product to the investor, this is the perfect time to contact us and get no-fee advice about finding your way to the investment.

The GRB staff, Rotem and Gadi, with their extensive, broad-based international experience, guide, advise, educate and assist entrepreneurs, start-ups and accelerators in Israel and abroad, in a variety of fields. These range from strategic questioning based on the Onion Peeling Method, focusing characteristics to make the narrative memorable and convincing insofar as market analysis, sales forecasts and value proposal.

Further prep focuses on an entrepreneur-investor simulation and handling questions which promote or delay through adapting the graphic language and working on the perfect slogan.

When you present your company's vision and DNA to a potential investor, let RGB help you ensure a presentation that's magnetic, comprehensive and effective.

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