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From Concept to Fortune

Research Case – Lowental Hybrid Ltd.

I was asked by Be Effective Ltd. to meet with Neta and Itay, two entrepreneurs who provide creative solutions for security companies in the airline field. We met at their home workshop on a moshav, to help with the pitch deck.

From a conversation with Itay it was immediately clear to me that I was dealing with an excellent technology entrepreneur with a rich background in engineering and extensive experience in complex technological projects. He believed that the marketing skills and toolbox needed improvement and deepening. This was an impressive entrepreneur who was dedicated, wanted to learn and improve, equipping his toolbox with marketing expertise and strategies and seeking an investor for his start-up.

Let's start at the beginning – a strategic inquiry – the Onion Peeling method

I carried out the strategic, preliminary inquiry stage with both Neta and Itay at the workshop – to maximize the entrepreneur's comfort, to let them feel at home, make it easier to open up and feel protected.

We began with background, values and how the idea was born. We addressed what the problem and solution were and where the proposed value lay. We discussed competitors and expanded the characterization, looking at the civil market and asking questions about market research for both the civilian and military markets. We isolated the advantages of the system, the competitors, branding, positioning, pricing, G2M for various ranges, sales forecasts and more.

We accepted the assignment with open hands. We adore challenges, and even more so when we have space to design and plan strategic moves and branding, particularly in the earliest stages, alongside a team of ambitious, uncompromising entrepreneurs.

Strategy – content – branding – Three angles to unending possibilities

Rotem, VP Content at RGBtotal Strategy and our word wizard, conducted all the text drafts in both Hebrew and English, came up with a new slogan for the company, fine-tuned and focused the message and made the presentation narrative memorable and authentic.

Stav, Head of Brand Strategy, after receiving the company brief including values, vision, market and competition background, realized that it was worth differentiating the company from the competition such as other engine and platform suppliers (most of whom were in sky colours/ shades of blue, grey and white). The decision was made to focus on colours matching the values and vision of the entrepreneurs as well as the technological solution – a blend of electrical engine and combustion engine. Stav took these and created a vision board, emerging with a new graphic and branding language.

Gadi was responsible for the strategic side and strategic inquiry leading to a definition of the business compass, market analysis and the Go To Market, built an action plan for the immediate future, medium and long terms, as well as a focused sales forecast.

Pitch deck

A combination of three angles -strategy, branding and content – led to a focused pitch describing the scope of the problem, on the one hand, and the great opportunity for investors on the other. We carried out a number of simulations, videos and f2f meetings for fine-tuning and work on body language, polishing the message until the pitch flowed flawlessly. Itay is ready to pitch.

Successful fundraising

After a successful product demo, the company succeeded in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars which will assist them in continuing to develop the product and performances of the engine along with initiation of initial marketing moves for the coming year.

Startup execs, entrepreneurs - are you also looking to raise funds….?

Get in touch with us today, we'll arrange a meeting and will be glad to assist with any necessary preparations for your next memorable pitch.

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